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The Importance Of Filing A Yonkers Business Taxes

When you own a business, it is very important that you file taxes. Every business has to file taxes at both the federal and state (if applicable) levels.

The amount of taxes that each business pays is varies depending on many details such as the industry, the size, the locality, the nationality, etc. Because it takes so much thought and energy to run a business, taxes can be a part of the business that is often left ignored. Unfortunately, ignoring this one aspect of a business can potentially ruin it.

When a business fails to file and pay taxes on time, it can face steep penalties and fines. Because every business may be faced with different tax laws depending on its location, it is important that business owners under the different tax regulations and rules. These taxation laws apply to every type of business whether it is an online business or a home-based business. In simpler terms, if you do not want to face the consequences related to the tax rules and regulations in your area, you need to be aware of the tax regulations and rules that apply to your business.

There are some steps that you should take as soon as your business is up and operational.

  • Choose the best legal structure for your business ahead of time (i.e. sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.)
  • File your taxes before the deadline in order to avoid additional penalties and fees.
  • Keep accurate documentation of all of your business expenses for tax purposes.
  • Save some of your company’s income and apply it to business taxes.
  • Seek legal tax advice if you need business tax assistance.

The Consequences From Not Paying Taxes On Time In Yonkers

Your company’s tax obligation is one that you should never ignore. If you do not pay your company’s taxes on time, you will likely incur fees and penalties. Everyone is required by law to pay taxes whether they own a small business or not. This means that if you do not pay your taxes on time as required by law, you will face additional penalties and fees.

Failing To File Taxes

If you failed to file your company’s taxes on time, it is likely that you will face a penalty for failure-to-pay. Usually, this penalty is approximately five percent of the business tax that is not paid for every month in which the tax return was filed late.

Failing To Pay Taxes

If you are able to file your small business tax, but you are not able to pay the amount that is due, your business will be penalized .5 percent of the amount of the unpaid tax. This penalty will be in effect for each month that the tax payment is late. This means that you will be paying interest on the amount of money that is due.

Unfortunately, this can add up to a very sizeable tax bill that can financially devastate both you and your business. In fact, if you fail to pay your business taxes, the IRS can:

  • Claim your assets and property
  • Claim your business
  • Forfeit your refunds
  • Revoke personal identification such as passports
  • Garnish income

The effects of not filing your federal income taxes are serious, and the list of ways the IRS can penalize you is extensive. This is why it is important to make sure that you comply with all tax codes and file your company’s taxes on time.

It is not difficult to stay updated with the changes in business tax codes. Although it can be difficult to understand at first, as you become familiar with the tax codes, it will be a lot easier. Always keep in mind, a business will run more efficiently when the taxes are filed on time.

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